Andrew King

Andrew King

CVPR 2019 Paper: Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation Using Multi-View Information

CVPR Paper: Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation of Coral Reef Images Using Multi-View Information


We propose and compare patch-based CNN and FCNN architectures capable of exploiting multi-view image information to improve the accuracy of classification and semantic segmentation of the input images. We investigate extensions of the conventional FCNN architecture to incorporate stereoscopic input image data and extensions of patch-based CNN architectures to incorporate multi-view input image data. Experimental results show the proposed TwinNet architecture to be the best performing FCNN architecture, performing comparably with its baseline Dilation8 architecture when using just a left-perspective input image, but markedly improving over Dilation8 when using a stereo pair of input images. Likewise, the proposed nViewNet-8 architecture is shown to be the best performing patch-based CNN architecture, outperforming its single-image ResNet152 baseline architecture in terms of classification accuracy.


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